Join our team
Dave Larsen - Safety Consultant
4643 Days
“I spent 27 years of my career working for a large corporation and after retiring from the large corporate world started my own consulting business. I became involved with Hagie approx. 9 yrs. ago. I have been able to be a part of taking an ordinary workplace and turning it into an epic workplace. I am given all the latitude I need to continue to be successful with our program. After 45 years in the workplace I have found a place where I truly enjoy coming to work every day! WOW, can you believe someone would say something like that? Come to Hagie - work hard- do your best - AND ENJOY!!”
Cory Howell - Fabrication
4300 Days
“Each day is a challenge on how I can make Hagie a better place to work. Innovation and change are not only requested, they are an expectation. Making the workplace better goes far beyond improving the processes in the areas we all work. Our focus is on improving the people we are and how we work as a team. Our family values are a realistic guideline, which make it possible to achieve our goal of being a unique company with focus on employee and customer service. I don't think I could go back to working for a company where complacency is the standard. Hagie makes me a better person and in turn I will make Hagie the best I can any way I can.”
Sam Drenth - Engineering Design
1829 Days
“I enjoy working at Hagie because I feel I add value and that value is appreciated outside the form of a paycheck. I also enjoy the life values instilled in the company. The combination makes me feel like an owner and currently I am just an intern. The focus on attitude is HUGE in my opinion, and others as well, being it is the focus at many Monday meetings and e-mails. I was told when hired that Hagie will change me. My initial thought was I am a pretty good guy, do what I say, stay accountable for what I can be, be mindful of others, etc. what else could there be? This positive outlook and being around others that share that positive attitude is contagious. Even in frustrating times, which we all have, having a positive outlook really changed my attitude as a person for the better. It is amazing what something as simple as a smile or a wave can do for a person. The people I surround myself outside of Hagie have noticed this in me and the positive outlook has affected them as well. Coming from a negative work environment made it hard for me to get outside my head and accept life challenges. For me this negativity was a poison and it affected me for the worse. I am so grateful to have joined the Hagie team and even though many may not realize, they have helped me drown that poison, accept challenges and become the person I am capable of being. Regardless of the length of time at Hagie, I will forever be grateful for the opportunity and what the Hagie family has given me. To someone wanting to join the Hagie family, if you truly buy in and accept the challenge, be ready to work harder than you think you can work, do more than you think you can do; be better than you think you can be. This is an expectation that you will reach for yourself along with all the family members that have each other’s backs at Hagie Manufacturing.”
Nick German - DTAC Supervisor
3957 Days
“I like working at Hagie because it is my family away from home. We work hard, play hard and always have each other’s backs and are willing to help pull through any issue that comes up. I have never felt as good about waking up in the morning to come to work. We spend more time with the people we work with than our own families and I work with the best people in the country. We have fun, play jokes on each other, laugh a lot and get our jobs done all at the same time. I really enjoy the position I'm in because it is a support role to individuals outside the walls here in Clarion. I get to assist our technicians with issues and work closely with our domestic and international partnerships. There is a new challenge every day, and we thrive when the going gets tough.”
Brian Oliver - Senior Software Architect
5047 Days
“I love working at Hagie. It's the perfect size to feel like you make a difference. I have pride in our products because everyone I work with cares about our products and takes ownership in their work.”
Jim Williams - Research & Development
6588 Days
“I've worked for a Fortune 500 Company where you were just a number who received a paycheck. I've worked for another Family Owned company that didn't care about your ideas. At Hagie you are part of a family. You care about the other employees and they care about you. You have a feeling of doing something that actually means something. I've had the ability to move to different positions within Hagie and to go and see things I would have never thought I would. My opinion means something and if I have a question, a concern, or idea; people listen to me.”
Kyle Bortell - Assembly
2403 Days
“If you are looking for a place to grow your family values and become a better person, then Hagie is the team you want to be a part of. If you truly believe in what we are building here at Hagie you WILL better your quality of life. While working at Hagie, I have witnessed what other companies can only dream about. The steps taken to ensure that the Hagie Family Values are second nature is quite incredible. You truly get to see every day that the ones that believe in the Values are the ones that grow within this company.”
Harman Singh - Weld/Paint Manufacturing Engineer
2130 Days
“Exposure to different projects and EPIC family environment. I feel so connected with my group, which further motivates me to deliver Epicness.”
Joseph Howard - Drafter
1885 Days
“I enjoy working here because of the nice coworkers and family spirit.”
Mitch Redenius - Research & Development Supervisor
8206 Days
“I have a purpose every day. I have a team I can count on to do their best and I know they have my back. Hagie is a place where you can truly be an owner, not a renter.”
Bryan Hrnicek - Lead Controls Engineer
5126 Days
“I enjoy working for Hagie because I get to directly interact with all facets of the process of getting our customers a great machine!”
Sherry Janssen - Order Management Coordinator/Configuration
2319 Days
“The best thing about Hagie is the people. Everyone is ready with a "hi, how are you" whether they know you or not. Everyone makes you feel welcome.”
Dave Spencer - Quality Manager
3432 Days
“I enjoy working for Hagie because your effort is noticed and you are always given chances to do more if you want to learn and grow. The great people around you every day is also an added bonus.”
Angie Stallkamp - Order Fulfillment Manager
3922 Days
“There are so many reasons why I enjoy being a part of the Hagie Team. A couple of the main reasons is that we truly care about our customers and we do business differently than other ag companies. It is so awesome to be a part of a company that strives to be different and innovative to benefit our customers. What I like best about my position is being able to help my coworkers to continue to strive for more. Each of us has something positive to add to the Hagie team and we all have our weaknesses as well. It's the balancing act of utilizing each other's strengths and helping each other with the stuff that we're not so good at (Having each other's backs). I think there are a lot of reasons why someone might want to join our team. If you are a person that wants to be an active/involved part of a motivated team with the mission of making a difference to others whether that is coworkers, customers, vendors, etc. then Hagie is a place you would enjoy to be.”
Crystal Griffith - Order Management Coordinator/Scheduler
2095 Days
“I enjoy working with my fellow employees, the welcoming atmosphere, and challenging work. I learn something new every day and look forward to the adventure.”
Josh Askvig - Assembly
5021 Days
“I enjoy working on problems that come in the service side. Also, the people you work with every day show the support that we need! GO TEAM HAGIE!”