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Hagie Manufacturing is a leader in the agricultural industry in providing crop protection solutions to customers in the form of high clearance sprayers. For more than 65 years the Hagie family has operated Hagie Manufacturing with integrity, putting the company and employees' best interests ahead of their own. This has led to Hagie Manufacturing being certified by WorldBlu as Most Democratic Workplaces in 2014 and being recognized as #6 Top Workplace in Iowa for 2013.
Nick German - Technical Training Manager
2320 Days
“I like working at Hagie because it is my family away from home. We work hard, play hard and always have each other’s backs and are willing to help pull through any issue that comes up. I have never felt as good about waking up in the morning to come to work. We spend more time with the people we work with than our own families and I work with the best people in the country. We have fun, play jokes on each other, laugh a lot and get our jobs done all at the same time. I really enjoy the position I'm in because it is a support role to individuals outside the walls here in Clarion. I get to assist our technicians with issues and work closely with our domestic and international partnerships. There is a new challenge every day, and we thrive when the going gets tough.”
Hagie is one of 41 organizations across the world
to make the WorldBlu 2014 list!

The WorldBlu survey evaluates an organization’s practice of ten democratic principles including transparency, integrity, dialogue and listening, accountability and choice on leadership, individualism, systems, and processes. Based entirely on employee feedback, this groundbreaking global award shines a spotlight on visionary organizations that practice successful organizational democracy.

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"Hagie practices the principle of Reflection + Evaluation by holding a company-wide meeting every Monday to look at what happened in the past week and to plan for the upcoming week. The meeting is informational and inspirational. Leaders take time to inform as well as fire up the team for the week ahead. Additionally, they hold a monthly meeting to celebrate wins and welcome new team members."

Top Work Places 2013 Hagie Manufacturing Company

Top Mid-sized Companies in Iowa
Top Work Places 2013

We are excited to share that Hagie Mfg. has ranked as the #6 Top Workplace in Iowa! Hagie Mfg.’s continuous efforts to enhance culture have heightened overall employee happiness and contributed a boost in position from the #19 Top Iowa Workplace in 2011, then #11 workplace in 2012.

How did Hagie receive this honor? The Des Moines Register and Workplace Dynamics, a research partner, takes a targeted approach to learn what is most important to employees while conducting the Iowa Top 100 Workplaces survey. The surveys showed that Iowa employees put the highest importance on believing their company is going in the right direction and feeling appreciated at work. They want to have confidence in their boss and in their future at the company. They want to feel like they are part of something meaningful. Pay and benefits also are important to employees, but they scored near the bottom of the list. Workplace Dynamics then asked employees to rate their employers on those priorities. Those organizations that scored high on important statements made the list of Iowa’s Top 100 Workplaces. These rankings are based on employees’ evaluations, making this honor even more special.